Wireless (Bluetooth) Audio

intend to order the PowerBeats[This content started out life as  a normal post on my Facebook timeline, and when I showed Terra how long it was, she exclaimed “you should have put it on your blog!” So I have relocated  it here, to this vast, nearly-forgotten wasteland, so that we can laugh about it years from now, if WordPress.com is even still around then…

[Brace yourselves for a long, rambling post; sometimes one simply feels like writing and opining, you know?]
Following months of delays and [moderate] disappointment over what may have been Apple’s rockiest product rollout in recent history [though by no means a Samsung-level disaster], last night I read David Pogue‘s glowing review, with moderately informative [albeit obviously unscripted and without intentional direction] accompanying video [which seems to have originated directly from a Facebook Live broadcast/chat], and that, along with this similarly-effusive ZDNet article, I looked into Apple’s return/refund policy and after learning that ordering them would be as risk-free as it is reasonable to expect [fourteen days, full refund, no questions asked], I decided to pull the trigger and pre-order a set of Apple Airpods to try out as soon as they are [finally] released (now slated for mid-February). My favorite quotes from each of those sources:
Pogue@Yahoo: “These earbuds sound great. Easily as good as the wired EarPods, maybe better. Easily as good as Bluetooth earbuds costing $200 or $250 from other companies—so no, $160 really isn’t a gouging price.” :O
ZDNet: “after using Apple’s AirPods for over a week, it’s clear Apple still has it.”,
followed by: “Apple has once again set the bar for its competitors, and after using the likes of Samsung’s Gear IconX, it’s clear no one can even come close right now.” :O :O
I am looking forward to the final availability of these gadgets. We plan to do a full “ears-on” comparison of the Airpods versus other Bluetooth headphones intended for serious listening (tentatively, “BÖHM B66 Wireless” [manufacturer page][Amazon Listing](because I already had a pair of those on the way (for her; in fact, those were just delivered while I was working on this post) and Apple’s own over-ear-style “Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones“[in the “Flash Blue” colorway, because we both feel like the “Shock Yellow” and “Siren Red” colors are nauseating, “gag me with a spoon”-level blech!] My intent st this time is to order said PowerBeats just days before the Airpods are set to arrive, so we have all three  sets of wireless headphones in hand at the same time for review/comparison and contrast purposes, but still within the safety of the two-week return windows of the various Apple items. While I do not currently plan to write up the comparison results for public consumption, that may change if enough folks express interest (or I feel enough like doing it) to make it worth the effort.
I must say, I am rather looking forward to finally catching up to the modern world of wireless-audio world, after several wireless (voice-intended) headsets over the years, plus one recent failed experiment with a set of Bluetooth 4.earbuds I picked up super-cheap from TNW’s “stocking stuffer” selection, and while those did in fact provide decent soun, aswell as functioning  rather well/intuitively, but were a total abject failure in wearability and one-handed-friendliness; I could not even get them around my head without the tips pulling out of one or both ears). I am also really looking forward to trying out (and learning) new things in the new year!Plus I have other big plans for the Winter Break (mandatory vacation week from work)
What is the worst that could happen? We love at least one of the options and decide to keep them, while returning the others? 😛
[//unsolicited blather complete–– for now… 😉 ]

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